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Springfield Gymnastics Center (SGC) opened its doors to the first student in September of 2017 in the thriving community of Springfield, Illinois.  While our name and logo are brand-new, our coaches have been a part of the gymnastics arena for many years.  Our instructors love to teach kids about the fundamentals of gymnastics & tumbling in a supportive and fun atmosphere.

The SGC Facility

Newly renovated in August 2017, the 14,260-square foot SGC gym facility is located on the West side of Springfield boasts plenty of space and the latest technology to give athletes the best experience at every level.  Some of these features include:

  • 12,500 square feet of gymnastics and tumbling space
  • Front office where a staff member is present and ready to help when the gym is open.
  • Pro Shop includes a wide selection of t-shirts, GK leotards, shorts, water bottles, doll leotards, and SGC car magnets
  • Channel bar pit—the only one in Springfield!
  • Climbing ropes
  • 10-foot tumble trak as a special training station
  • 40 foot tumble trak into a large 26 ft. x 18 ft. foam filled pit
  • A 2600 square foot fully equipped, dedicated PreSchool area
  • Spacious parents’ observation area with a flat-screen television and bulletin boards highlighting events in the gym, important reminders, team results, and gymnastics news.
  • Video Delay Training System: Cameras will be focused around the gym to cover the team members workouts so that right after each athlete's turn, they will be able to visually review their performance on the closest TV monitor, all independently with or without the coach's input.

Pro Shop Merchandise

We have several items all decked out in our logo as well as leotards and shorts.  Stop by before or after class and check out all of our merchandise. 

The SGC Staff

Brad Epperson
Owner and Coach

To reach Brad, email admin@springfieldgymnastics.com

Brad Epperson has been a coach in the sport of gymnastics for over 37 years.  He has owned and operated two successful gymnastics businesses before opening SGC in September 2017.  Brad focuses his gymnastics programs on the development of the entire athlete—to be mentally, emotionally, and physically strong with safety at the heart of every training program.  He stresses positive communication with gymnasts, parents, community members, and other gymnastic professionals. His credentials speak to the dedication he has made to the sport:

  • Director, AcroSports Gymnastics in Webster, Texas, 1985

  • Founder, Epperson’s Gymnastics Academy, Greenwood, South Carolina, 1994

  • Co-Owner, Peoria Elite Gymnastics Academy, Peoria, Illinois, 2014

  • Coached with Kevin Mazieka, USA Men’s Olympic Gymnastics coach in 2000, 2004, and 2008

  • Coached with Alexander Alexandrov, past Russian National Women’s Gymnastics and Olympic team head coach

  • Gymnastics meet director for over 20 gymnastic competitions, including sectionals, state meets, and national invitationals

  • Professional Member of USA Gymnastics since 1985

  • Received certifications from USA Gymnastics including: Professional Development 1 & 2, Skill Evaluator, Women’s Meet Director, Instructor, and Junior Olympic Coaches Course.

Jamie Sherwood
Office Manager

To reach Jamie, email info@springfieldgymnastics.com

Christina Kendall
Program Director

To reach Christina, email schoolage@springfieldgymnastics.com

Jodi Carnes
Special Events Coordinator 

To reach Jodi, email events@springfieldgymnastics.com

Lindsay Shelton

  • Office Assistant

Payton Calcara

  • School Age Instructor
  • Special Event & Party Staff
  • Team Coach

Jorie Roubitchek

  • Preschool & School Age Instructor

  Kirstin Shue

  • Preschool Instructor

Riley Nowicki

  • Preschool & School Age Instructor
  • Special Event Staff

Bella Homeier

  • Preschool & School Age Instructor
  • Special Event Staff

Jocelyn Nordwall

  • Preschool & School Age Instructor
  • Special Event Staff

Karlesha Perry

  • Preschool Instructor
  • Special Event Staff

Carson Blaney

  • Ninja Instructor
  • Preschool Instructor
  • Special Event Staff

Alex Crites

  • Ninja Instructor
  • Special Event Staff 

Kylee Roberts

  • Preschool/School Age  Instructor
  • Pre Team/Team Coach


Audrianna Tolliver

  • Preschool Curriculum Coordinator

Calli Carnes

  • Special Event Staff

Elli Finney

  • Preschool & School Age Instructor

Reina Rohdeman

  • School Age Gymnastics & Tumbling Instructor

Claire Black

  • Preschool & School Age Gymnastics Instructor

Delaney Wolfe

  • Preschool & School Age Instructor

Teagan Hinds

  • Preschool & School Age Instructor.
  • Aerial Silks Instructor

Alaire Gordon

  • Preschool & School Age Instructor
  • Aerial Silks Instructor
  • Special Event Staff

Christi Huss

  • Preschool & School Age Instructor

Glen Aden Austin

  • Special Event Staff

Ava Osmonson

  • Preschool & School Age Instructor
  • Special Event Staff

Kaley Sherwood

  • Preschool & School Age Instructor

Camryn Patterson

  • Preschool & School Age Instructor
  • Special Event Staff 

Haley Jacobs

  • Preschool & School Age Instructor
  • Special Event Staff

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