SGC is a member of the USAG Junior Olympic Program.  We provide a positive, encouraging environment for kids to thrive doing what they love most, GYMNASTICS.  In the process, they gain strength, confidence, learn valuable life lessons, build lifelong friendships and memories.  

SGC Pre-Team

SGC has a Jr. Pre Team for 4-5 year olds and a Sr Pre Team for girls 6 and older.  The Pre Team program is designed to develop to be an introduction to competitive gymnastics.

Compulsory Levels 3 - 5

This is the compulsory competitive level.  The focus is on learning how to compete while they begin training on more advanced optional skills.  Gymnasts will compete at USAG Invitational meets receiving awards based on scores on each event in their age level and division.

Optional Levels 6 – 10

Advanced optional level routines are developed and choreographed individually by the coaches based on each gymnast’s strength, style, and difficulty level.

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